Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Delta Connect Powered by Gogo

Delta Connect Powered by Gogo

I'm not sure why, but my iPass account couldn't authenticate when I tried to connect to Gogo on Delta Airlines this morning. Presumably it was because our IT department did not enable it, but it worked on Etihad two months ago, perhaps because they used OnAir and/or T-Mobile? Anyway, after a few tries and restarts, I gave up and eventually coughed up $3 for the cheapest 30 minute option once our flight was within range of the towers in the US. And no, we still couldn't use electronics during takeoff in Mexico yet, but it was of course nice to be able to use devices during landing in the US now.

That was, of course, without internet access once the plane got below 10,000 feet (I'm definitely interested to see Southwest doing their gate-to-gate internet using satellite-based Row 44). It was also interesting to see Delta offering movies streamed to your devices for a fee, complete with a "finish watching on the ground" option. I nearly considered taking them up on that offer, except the library of movies was rather dated. Bizarrely, the movie service didn't support Chrome browsers, nor did it support IE 11 when I tried to fall back on it.

Oh - and if I ever go back to Guadalajara, I need to remember *not* to exchange money at Travelex counters while stateside, especially given that $9.95 service charge that they threw on there. Had I known that there were tons of counters at GDL with commission-free service (and better rates, presumably given all of their competition, whereas Travelex was the only option at PHX), I would have just waited until I got to Mexico. I think this is the second time that I've been burned by Travelex. Fool me twice, shame on me!

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