Friday, September 27, 2013

Joe's Special From Original Joe's at SJC

Joe's Special

That thing looks kinda gross in the photo. Actually, I wasn't even sure of what it was when I ordered it. The menu just said that it was "The Original" featuring fresh spinach, eggs, and ground chuck. It wasn't in the breakfast nor lunch section, but rather just a box on its own, so I wasn't sure if it was an omelette or what. But yeah, I guess that's literally what came out: a mix of spinach, eggs, meat, and onions for consumption at any time of the day.

The good thing was that it tasted better than it looked, especially with a few drops of Tabasco here and there. But still, I didn't finish it, as I think I've had enough protein this week already. At least I finally confirmed that the San Jose airport version of Original Joe's was running on a limited menu, so I couldn't get my usual hamburger steak here. Note to self: surprisingly, there is no shoe shine at SJC. I thought every airport in the US had a shoe shine!

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JadedOne said...

That's one of my favorite breakfast items to get with egg whites :) I see Joe's Special not just at Original Joe's but other breakfast/brunch spots too.