Friday, September 13, 2013

Attari Sandwich Shop in Tehrangeles

Kashke Bademjan

Mmm...good call, LA Weekly! They listed this as one of their "99 Essential Restaurants 2013," specifically for this eggplant dish, and I can see why. It was fantastically tender, silky smooth, and fragrant without being overwhelming. I wolfed this thing down in seconds as I waited for my sandwich to arrive next.

And yes, as the name suggests, this is a sandwich shop in the Persian neighborhood of West LA (1388 Westwood Boulevard, 441-5488). I grabbed the tongue sandwich, which was fine, but admittedly nothing about it (aside from an abundance of parsley and maybe the pickles, I suppose) suggested to me that it was Persian; it almost could have come from any sandwich shop. But that eggplant was awesome...and they serve koobideh too.

Amusingly, the proprietor, after hearing everyone in line ordering tongue, switched from Farsi to Spanglish to say that "it's a lengua day today." Talk about speaking to the melting pot that Los Angeles is! Next time I should try out one of those soups that I saw so many people getting.

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