Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Square Watermelons at Meidi-Ya

Square Watermelons

Cool - Meidi-Ya is carrying some of those square Japanese watermelons right now. No, I didn't try nor buy one. Somehow, the thought of paying US$265 for a melon just so that it doesn't roll around in my fridge didn't exactly sound like a good value. Then again, for that kind of money, I'm sure that it tastes good.

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Anonymous said...

i heard japanese buy the melons not to consume. They give each other as gifts. So can you imagine? One Japanese buys a melon, and the melon passes hand from one family to the next as present.

Meidi ya also has those wine grapes. I bought a bunch once, the cheaper variety, about $30 a bunch, and I thought they were worth the money! very addictive.