Saturday, July 27, 2013

Aburiyatei at Robertson Quay, Singapore


Aburiya has been running this little yakitori extension at the Quayside for a number of years now (60 Robertson Quay #01-10, 6836-5370), but somehow I never found the opportunity to give it a try. Yet after a few drinks up at at Bar 84 tonight (by the way, that magician was surprisingly entertaining, as cheesy as the idea may sound), we came down here to fill our bellies with some food.

I really should have come here years ago. The skewers did the job, and they also had a number of my favorites from Aburiya here too, like the spinach salad that I just can't get enough of. Yes, I'll come back...Aburiya still knows how to season things just the way I like it.

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