Friday, May 24, 2013

Tokushima Ramen Iwataya at Isetan Singapore

Miso Ramen

I'm such a dork. I marked my calendar for this, as Isetan was running yet another fair, this time featuring stuff from the island of Shikoku. And the thing that I was specifically chasing was this bowl from a shop called Iwataya in Tokushima. It took a while to find it at first given the renovations going on down there, but I eventually found it.

My first impression wasn't anything great - the taste of the menma was so strong that it overpowered it. But after pushing those aside, I started to realize how unique this bowl really was, particularly with those thin shabu shabu-like slices of pork, which had a deep smokiness in it that pervaded the broth.

It was only when I looked it up afterwards did I realize that ramen from Tokushima tends to feature this stuff, especially since they have a ham processing factory there. Then again, they are apparently supposed to use raw egg with this stuff too, and yet clearly we got a hard boiled one instead. Anyway, that might be worth going back to another time before the festival ends next week.

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