Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meat Packing District at the Bestway Building

Cheese Burger

No, it's not Tanjong Pagar burger week or anything like that. I read about this place just a few hours after having eaten at Two Blur Guys yesterday, and figured that I might as well come here for lunch the next day while I still had burgers fresh in my mind (12 Prince Edward Road #01-01).

I gobbled it down in a jiffy, but admittedly, I didn't care that much for the quality of the meat, nor all of the black pepper that they put on it either. Still, they were nice enough to ask what they could do differently, seeing that they had basically just opened not long ago. So hopefully they tweak things a little soon. And I guess I did like the bun.

Anyway, the more interesting thing for me was the fact that it was another burger stall in a hawker center. And yes, Tai Wah Pork Noodle appears to be gone now (sniff, sniff). I guess that unfortunately means having to line up over at Crawford Lane instead.


Keith Tan said...

Thanks for dropping by meat packing district! Your feedback here is greatly appreciated. We were most probably in the second day of business when you visited. Since then, we've ironed out some of our teething problems and we would love to invite you back. :)

Unknown said...

Tai Wah uncle combined forces with his son again at Hong Lim food centre! Still one of my fave.....