Sunday, April 07, 2013

La Barra at The Star Vista

Arepas de DominĂ³

I've never been to Colombia before. But when I had heard that this place had opened up at the Star Vista (1 Vista Exchange Green #02-21, 6694-2495), I knew that I would come here one of these days, and tonight I did. I went for the first thing on the menu: arepas. The best that I could make out was that it was kinda like a Salvadoran pupusa, but topped with things, kinda like a Mexican tostada.

Unfortunately, that assumption completely set the wrong expectations for me. Sure, physically there were some similarities, but it was completely devoid of the chili peppers that one would have expected had this been a Mexican dish. It was only after I looked it up just now did I realize that Colombians don't eat chili peppers - how ignorant of me!

Well, I definitely liked the corn taste of the thick arepa patty itself, and some of the stuff that they put on top were pretty good. But I still can't kick the thought of how much different this would have tasted had it been spiked with some chipotles or something. I guess that explains why they had bottles of Tabasco on each table...I was puzzled as to why they were there at first, but now I understand.

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Aussie tourist said...

Mate, everytime I read your post, I get a smile on my face."I wonder what the Tabasco was for."

Aussie Tourist