Friday, April 26, 2013

Dario Cecchini at Bistecca in Singapore

Sushi Del Chianti

The World Gourmet Summit yet again spammed the heck out of my inbox this year. But in this case it worked, as there was one email that caught my eye: Dario Cecchini was going to be in town! Actually, he left Singapore last week, but Bistecca was still running a lunch set through today. And we made sure to come down here, hoping that we could get the same extraordinary meal that we had at his place in Tuscany.

It ended up being a different experience. Sure, that may be his signature Sushi del Chianti above, but it was laced with chili oil and plated up like fine dining rather than the rustic down-to-earth fun that we were hoping for. More importantly, that fine dining plating also meant fine dining portions (read: verrrry small). Granted, this was a S$58 (US$47) executive set lunch menu, so I guess one couldn't expect the unlimited portions that he does in Italy. But deep in our hearts I guess we were hoping to stumble out of the restaurant completely stuffed like we did over there.

Now that I've read the email again, I realized that Dario only did the butchering, whereas the dishes were prepared by the chef at Bistecca. And don't get me wrong; I liked what they had done with the meat (at least, for the first two courses), but the portions were just so darned small that we had to order more food, defaulting back to Bistecca's regular menu. That can only mean one thing: another run to Chianti is in order.

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