Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse, Singapore

Tortellini Ripeni di Mortadella con Crema di Piselli e Pancetta

When this place first opened up a while back (25 Mohamed Sultan Road, 6735-6739), I had my doubts. I mean, I like bistecca the dish, but when they went so far as to name the restaurant after it, it seemed as if they were trying too hard. Yet a colleague of mine kept mentioning that it was worth going to. And for some reason, I've been craving flame-grilled beef for the past few weeks, so we came down here tonight to finally give it a try.

I'm glad that we did. Everything that we had was delicious, particularly due to the use of a proper quality salt that brought everything to life. Indeed, my favorite things tonight was nothing more than just a simple side of grilled asparagus, drizzled with some olive oil and salt. The tortellini above had a wonderfully thin slice of crispy pancetta on top, while the steak was smoky with an aged depth to it, all with the fatty taste that one expects from a ribeye.

Puzzlingly for a place that prides itself on being Tuscan though, the menu didn't have any beans available. And frankly it was all too expensive. Sure, at these prices, one gets the decor and service of an upscale fine-dining establishment, but I guess I was hoping for a more humble and rustic feel that would focus on the skills of the kitchen instead. Well, fortunately the food had no problems shining through, and I'll bear the high prices again precisely for that reason.

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