Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mala Beef Noodles at Mazendo in Taipei

Mala Beef Noodles

Faced with the prospect of eating a nasty lunch at the airport, I asked my colleagues if there were anything good to eat before I headed out of the city. They thus took me to this Ma Shan Tang place (South Guanfu Road, Lane 280, Number 24, 2773-5559), which is supposed to be unique in that they not only used mala hotpot spices in Taiwanese beef noodles, but also in that the ingredients were all organic, if I heard it correctly.

You could ask them to crank up the heat if you liked, which made it a bit more exciting. I also liked the fact that they used thin shabu shabu-like slices of meat rather than those thick chunks that one normally gets with this dish. Next time I want to try some of the other varieties on the menu; the lady next to us had some dry dan dan mian-like thing that seemed kinda interesting.

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