Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Yak Meat Candy from Tibet/Sichuan

Tibetan Yak Meat Candy from Sichuan

A teammate of ours went to the western part of Sichuan near the Tibetan border during the holidays, and brought back this yak meat flavored candy for all of us in the office to try. Apparently yak meat is a delicacy in Tibet.

I grunted a bit when I first put it into my mouth, as it wasn't quite what I was expecting. Instead of tasting like a caramelized char siew, it tasted like a savory stir-fried meat dish (and a rather gamey one at that). Keep in mind that this was all encased in a sweet hardshell candy.

But that quickly gave way to a ground peanut flavor, which I didn't mind as much, seeing how I'm a big fan of gong tang peanut candy from Taiwan. Speaking of exotic flavors, apparently one can also get Sichuan mala-flavored candy too. I think he's going to have to bring some back for us to try on his next trip there.

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