Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prawns with Fried Rice on United

Orawns With Fried Rice

Oh man, that was waaaay too sweet. That yellow sauce was like syrup, and I had to keep wiping it off the prawns before eating it. Well, at least the prawns were plump and firm, and I'm glad I chose this over the usual filet mignon. It also looks like United has some new crockery in use now?


teckaway said...

I am so glad I chanced upon your blog, one of the best around on Singapore food (and more). Loving the simple layout and clean prose. Do you have a twitter acct? I'm a rookie food journalist, you can hit me up @teckwrites or thtan [at] teckwrites [.] com! Am always out to exchange thoughts with enthusiastic foodies :)

philtwo said...

Ha i had almost the exact same dish on a business class flight from ORD to HKG on Cathay on Dec 17. Maybe UA and CX share catering? Mine had a couple scallops though and didn't seem particularly sweet. I actually quite enjoyed it (for airplane food) but everything else was the same, down to the pair of star-shaped carrots.