Sunday, November 25, 2012

NamNam Noodle Bar, Raffles City

Gỏi cuốn

This place wasn't very high on my priority list when I had first heard about it, mainly since I haven't had much luck with Vietnamese places around here, especially ones that are as commercialized as this (252 North Bridge Road #B1-46, 6336-0500). But when I passed by the other day and saw counter-style seating as well as an externally-facing bánh mì bar, I was intrigued.

At first, it was better than I thought it would be. The cute little gỏi cuốn above were tiny but tightly wrapped, while the dipping sauce had a surprising bit of pâté in it, if I tasted it correctly. It was much more sophisticated than I had figured it to be, and in the spirit of that, they also offered a bowl of phở that featured wagyu, whose meat was naturally very tender. Unfortunately, I really didn't care that much for the lean broth.

Similarly, the ingredients inside the bánh mì were rich, spicy, and refreshing. But Sandwich Saigon still reigns supreme when it comes to the bread. Either way, it looks like they have a breakfast deal starting at 8 AM on weekdays (and they've opened up a shop at Wheelock Place too), so I may just have to stop by here one day before heading into the office.

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