Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Finally Trying That Weird Green Ramen

Green Spicy Tori King Ramen

I needed a quick meal today and thus figured that this might be a good chance to finally give that weird green version at Keisuke's Tori King a try (Keisuke-san was still here today, BTW). The good thing was that the broth was hardly affected by that wasabi-based sauce. If anything, I tried to protect my broth from getting too tainted with it.

But I still couldn't get into the idea of eating the chicken with it either, as it was just too out of place for me. I wonder why he didn't use yuzu instead; chicken goes amazingly well with a bit of spicy citrus. Anyway, I'll probably end up focusing on the black version from here on out, especially if it's the same sansho-based version that he uses over at Tonkotsu King.

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Unknown said...

This is delicious! I think I like this more than Marutama and the wasabi wasn't that strong. I will have to get the deluxe version with the giant seaweed the next time!