Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ola Cocina del Mar, Singapore


When I had heard that a couple of former chefs from Santi had opened up a place at Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 (12 Marina Boulevard #01-06, 6604-7050), I knew that it was only a matter of time before I came down here, especially since a story that I read said that it was not that expensive. Today, I finally had the chance to sneak in a late lunch at the counter.

Yes, the food definitely tasted good, including the pulpo above, whose smoky aroma was completely different from that canned stuff from the other day. The gambas were also done with just the right amount of olive oil and dried chili flakes. But as you can see with the porcelain above, this place was definitely more upscale than a traditional wooden plate and ceramic dish.

I suppose that it is true that this place isn't as expensive as Santi was. But that didn't mean that this place was cheap either. Those two little tapas plates ran for S$16 (US$13) a pop, and I didn't go any further into the menu than that. I guess I can't blame them for being opportunistic about it given the shiny new venue they are in. But that's just a bit too expensive for me for me to eat regularly.

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