Friday, September 28, 2012

Breakfast at Taqueria Chavez


I know, it's Chavez yet again. But I noticed yesterday that they had chilaquiles on the menu, and figured that might come in handy for breakfast one of these days, especially since they are open at 7 AM. Anyway, this plate of chilaquiles was delicious with its stale textured chips and salsa roja, all washed down with Mexican hot chocolate. There will surely be more breakfasts at Chavez to come.

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Unknown said...

Hey hungry boy! I'm glad you liked my recommendation to try Chego in Los Angeles. I see how much you like Mexican food, so allow me recommend what I think is a totally unique Mexican spot in Boyle Heights (in East L.A.). There is an amazing place called Moles La Tia that features dishes with a dozen kinds of home-made moles, flavors that I have never encountered anywhere else. Coffee, tequila, passion fruit, pistachio, tamarind and lots more. And while the menu pairs them up with interesting meats, like shrimp and coffee mole for instance, you can play mix and match! It's a little bit off the beaten path, but Boyle Heights is a joy to drive through anyway. Be careful of the seriously narrow driveway, though!