Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aged Miso Ramen from Menya Musashi

Aged Miso Ramen

I went to the Raffles City location of Menya Musashi today, in part to answer the question that I posed the other day about whether that awesome nitomen was available here as well. They had it, but they also had some other things, like a longer-aged miso for a deeper taste. It made the broth in the bowl above thick and borderline-nutty.

Another thing that they had here was something called a Musashi Swordsman Roll, or a gunkanmaki featuring pork rillette made from their chashu. Even more interesting was the fact that the soy sauce on the side was in a light beige-colored mousse rather than the usual dark liquid form. It was airy and almost seemed like something that one might get at a fancy place like Esquina.

Alas, neither of these things were anything so exciting that I would come back for them. But I'm all over that nitomen, and am definitely going back for that. The ION Orchard location also had some kind of curry ramen special that I didn't see available here.

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