Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Exploring Indonesian Soto in Jakarta

Soto Kudus

We went to the canteen in the basement of the office today for a quick lunch in between meetings, and I was told that Indonesian soup was the main thing to get here. So I grabbed this soto kudus, in reference to a city in central Java. It was a bit sweeter than I thought it would be, but it was light and refreshing, especially after soaking the rice in it.

Soto Betawi

I still needed more food though, so I went to another stall to get some soto betawi, which is local to right here in Jakarta. This one was richer with some coconut milk in it (although still thin and light), while also more fragrant with all of its roasted scallions and such. I liked this one a lot more. I'm not sure why my colleagues hated that S-tee so much though - it didn't taste that different from Teh Botol.

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