Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Better Fruit Platter on SQ

Fruit Platter

Here was my fruit platter on SQ this morning...fortunately they filled this one up so that it wasn't like the embarrassingly empty plate from last time. And those yellow/orange things in the middle were not cantaloupe, but rather some very sweet mangoes, which was a pleasant surprise.

Perhaps more interesting was the fact that this A330-700 had some documentation in the seatback pocket suggesting that SQ had contracted OnAir to provide not only in-flight Wi-Fi, but also in-flight mobile phone and SMS connectivity, as long as you were on a plane fitted with it (and flying over countries that had approved of it). I couldn't get a signal either way.


A said...

A330-700? I'm disappointed in you.

bma said...

Good catch. I'm not sure which configuration it was then, as clearly I wrote that in a rush.