Sunday, October 02, 2011

Arumanis Mangoes from Indonesia

Indonesian Arumanis Mango

Yes, it's another mango update, and these Indonesian ones that we got from Tanjong Pagar Market yesterday were green yet ripe as well. They were pleasantly sweet and juicy with a touch of richness, although still not as boldly as an Indian alphonso. Its skin hardly gave off any scent either. I'll happily go back to buy more of these though; the lady was selling them for S$8 (US$6) for three.


Herman Saksono said...

It's really nice that you posted our variety of mango. Did you know that arum means "smells good" and manis means "sweet"?

Wennys said...

awww that's so expensive, come to jakarta and i'll get u bunch of various yet delicious mangos with that amount of spending

Aussie tourist said...

Nice update.

Aussie Tourist