Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Quick Snack at Haldiram's in Delhi

Special Dahi Bhalla

I needed a quick snack this afternoon, so what better than to pop by an outlet of Haldiram's that I saw the other night. This one didn't have the racks full of sweets though: this was just one long counter, serving stuff fast-food-style - complete with places for sitting down...a bit like Komala's.

Pau Bhaji

I grabbed a couple of chaat, such as the dahi bhalla at the top, which were deep fried balls of lentils covered in yogurt. It was refreshing, particularly with those shreds of fresh ginger. I later went for my usual pau bhaji, which was a bit salty in this rendition, but nonetheless still spicy enough to wolf down. Yum.

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