Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Xinjiang Skewers from a Hutong in Beijing

Roasting Xinjiang Skewers

After a long day of meetings, I needed a quick snack. Most places around the hotel were closed, but there were a few places in the dark alleyways nearby that were still serving food, including a number of dudes on the street with a grill selling Xinjiang skewers. Cool...especially when they had makeshift signs with the character for kushiyaki dangling away to advertise their goods.

At first, I ordered only two of them, seeing how gigantic those eye-poking things were out at that touristy night market yesterday. But they kept refusing to do it for such a small quantity, and it was only after I finally capitulated to buy five of them did I realize why: these were tiny skewers instead. They were fatty, salty, and spicy - and all for only 1 RMB (US$0.15) each...just what I needed after a long day.

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Shanghai Bunny said...

Not to put you off but I recently read on a newspaper that the lamb skewers might not always be lamb?