Friday, March 30, 2012

Returning on Air China: Is That Fish??

Fish on a Plane

Tonight's in-flight selections were presented using the quintessential airline question: "chicken or fish?" I opted for the latter, especially given that I'd had some half-decent fish in mid-air recently. But clearly that set the wrong expectations in my head.

When I rolled back the foil cover on this thing, I had to look twice to make sure that the flight attendant gave me the right one. Were those tater tots?? Or even silkworms or something? Nope, they were fish...mildly sweet processed fish. And nasty enough that I couldn't eat more than just one or two.

On top of that, this was a completely full flight, presumably due to the long weekend ahead in China. Oh well. At least the power outlet under my seat was activated the entire way through.

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