Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Surprisingly Decent Air China Flight

Fish with Rice

No, I'm not referring to the meal above, which was pretty dry and nasty (don't even get me started on that salad in the corner). But I was surprised by the amount of legroom in today's Air China flight, not to mention the fact that they even had power outlets that kept me productive on the way up to Beijing, even if the power didn't come on until a couple of hours into the flight.

And this wasn't even in their so-called Premium Economy Class with screens in the headrest of the first two rows, but rather the cheap seats behind that where central screens had to drop down from the ceiling. They even had nose/belly mounted cameras like Japanese airlines, as well as an interesting faux-3D in-flight map that looked better than what we usually see on other airlines.

Sure, the fact that this was a lightly-loaded flight helped give me a bit of space. I wonder if it was so empty in part because most people would tend to gravitate to SQ instead (including myself, who was initially disappointed when the agent told me that SQ wasn't available). Now the trick will be to see if I can get such a good experience on the return leg later this week.

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