Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shabu No Koya, Liang Court

Kurobuta Shabu Shabu

I noticed this shop a number of months back, but only got the chance to give it a try tonight (177 River Valley Road #B1-03, 6337-7856). And unfortunately, I didn't like it. The sesame sauce was a tad too sweet for me, and worse, some of the veggies that they brought out were starting to wilt.

At S$27 (US$21) for the kurobuta dinner, it wasn't cheap either. I was going to say that one could pay just a little more for the tabehoudai option at Ohsumi, although it looks like I was scarred by a subsequent experience there too. The search for a quality shabu shabu continues.

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•°o.O( gen )O.o°• said...

If you're looking for a shabu place, The Fat Cow that just opened at Camden Medical is a shabu bar. It's not cheap, but you do pay for the quality of the ingredients that you get there. =) They have sukiyaki soup base too, and do offer a bowl of rice to mix with the delicious soup after you're done with the cooking.