Friday, December 16, 2011

Japan's Yayoiken Has Opened in Singapore

Nasu Miso and Hokke Set

Another family restaurant chain from Japan has opened up in the Liang Court basement next to Meidi-Ya (177 River Valley Road #B1-50, 6338-7170). Similar to Ootoya, the menu consists mainly of teishoku, ranging from grilled fish to tonkatsu. Similar to Ootoya, they provide unlimited refills of rice. But unlike Ootoya, the quality of the ingredients just wasn't quite as good.

Now, it's not like I had a bad meal; if anything, I cleared everything on my tray and plan to return rather frequently. I liked it a lot better than many of those stalls just outside of it, and having a little jar of tsukemono that you could help yourself to was a nice touch too. But if there were an Ootoya next door, I'd easily go to Ootoya instead. (Side note: these guys have a bento service available on weekdays that might be interesting to try one of these days.)

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It looks oishi !!