Friday, November 11, 2011

Triple O's by White Spot from Canada

Original Burger

No, this wasn't meant to be a streak of burger chains from overseas. But there was a suggestion last time to check out this place, a burger chain from Canada that has recently opened a stand at a food court in Singapore (8 Marina View #02-14, 6336-0002).

When I first bit into it, I was shocked my how much sauce there was. Seriously, the thing was practically swimming in some kind of a mayonnaise-based sauce (I'm not sure if it's just coincidence or not, but last time I had a Canadian burger, it was also loaded up with sauce). Fortunately, it didn't mask the taste of everything else in the burger, including a beef patty and also a respectable bun. I suppose that the placemat *did* warn me that this was going to be the sauciest burger around - apparently the name Triple O's is in reference to the order-taking notation of loading up on everything.

If that's the case, then hopefully next time they will let me tell them to take it easy on the sauce. Yes, I liked the quality of the ingredients enough to want to come back, especially when they are so considerate so as to shove a thinly sliced pickle in the top of the wrapper. What a nice surprise.

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