Tuesday, November 08, 2011

L'Angolo Ristorante Italiano at Maxwell Chambers

Scallop Pasta Special

This place was surprising (32 Maxwell Road #01-03, 6224-0978)...both surprisingly expensive and yet surprisingly good. I mean, I knew that it was the former grounds of another Osvaldo outlet, which meant that it might be a tad upscale. But its spartan wood-floored decor suggested that it was more casual than its poshed-up neighbor Otto down the street, and yet many of the pasta dishes here were S$30 (US$24) or more.

Granted, the food was excellent, particularly the quality of ingredients they used. Today's special above featured perfectly firm noodles with delightfully seasoned scallops. We've all seen TV episodes where Gordon Ramsay yells at kitchen staff for overcooking their scallops into "rubber," but these delicate beauties were far from that. Still, the high prices mean that I won't be coming here again regularly, especially without any lunch sets available.

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that is very very good