Sunday, February 14, 2010

Forlino Italian Restaurant, Singapore

Homemade Squid Ink Tagliolini with Sea Urchin Sabayon and Semi Dried Cherry Tomatoes

Chinese New Year is usually a period when most shops in Singapore are closed, and thus food availability is limited. But this year is a bit of an exception, as the start of the lunar calendar fell right onto Valentine's Day; most restaurants are not going to shut down on the biggest revenue generating day of the year. Our reservations were at Forlino (1 Fullerton Road #02-06, 6877-6995).

This perfectly cooked squid ink pasta was one of the courses in tonight's set menu. Pretty much everything served tonight was enjoyable enough that we'd consider coming back on a normal night, even if the Pop Rocks in the dessert seemed a bit clich├ęd.

What was perhaps more interesting to me was the venue itself, which was on the grounds of the former Centro, the nightspot at One Fullerton from a long time ago. It was a bit surreal to see the dance floor now transformed into a fine dining establishment. The last time I was on that staircase leading up to the venue, I was in a much more intoxicated state.

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