Monday, October 10, 2011

Lunch From a Mamak Stall in KL

Mamak Stall Food

This was an unplanned visit. I needed a quick bite before my afternoon meetings and was originally planning on hitting up those Middle Eastern places next to the Millennium Hotel to see if they had anything fast there. But just as I approached the building I noticed some plastic stools and canopy-covered tables down in the alleyway behind it. So I went that way out of curiosity and found a few mamak stalls, which are basically Malaysian Tamil stalls.

There was a spread of pre-cooked stuff to pick from, including a bunch of curries that I didn't choose. It didn't occur to me to consider scooping some gravy onto the rice, but in the end I didn't need it, as the veggies, fish, and dried chilies kept me going, and I liked it. Best of all, all of this plus my ginger tea was only RM 6 (US$2), making this thing a steal. If I worked nearby I'd probably come here regularly; one could keep it somewhat healthy by sticking to the greens and avoiding the coconut milk-based stuff.

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