Friday, September 23, 2011

My First "$100 Hamburger" to Harris Ranch

Cruising in a Cessna

Nope, that's not a grammatical error in the headline. The term "$100 Hamburger" is what aviators call a quick flight to somewhere to eat at a local airport and then turn back around (the $100 is just in reference to the cost of the fuel and plane rental required to get there). And one of my old friends from back home has a Private Pilot License, so we took advantage of the afternoon to hit the skies to do precisely that. Where were we headed in that little single-engine Cessna? Harris Ranch in Coalinga, California.

On Approach to Harris Ranch

Why might that sound familiar? If you've ever done the drive on Interstate 5 to or from Southern California, you know the halfway mark where the giant ranch just stinks of cow manure. Yes, it's that slaughterhouse with the restaurant next to it. And everytime I passed by it in the past, I noticed that little runway, wondering who the heck would fly there (24505 West Dorris Avenue, 800-942-2333). Today, we wanted to be one of those people. Here was the approach from the south, with I-5 just on the left side.

Ground Sirloin

No, I didn't get a hamburger. I got this ground sirloin, which I expected in a naked form rather than being covered in onions and mushrooms, but I liked the taste of the tender meat either way. We also ventured so far as to try some of their "mountain oysters," or bull testicles. The texture was a bit firm like a hot dog (no pun intended) with a hint of iron in the taste, which I didn't really care for; you could dip them in cocktail sauce if you wanted. Unfortunately, they also cut them up into pieces and deep fried them. That's too bad, since it would have been a much more interesting photo if there were two gigantic balls in front of us.

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