Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My First Flight on Asiana Airlines

Poached Grouper Served with Garlic and Chili Sauce

I've never flown Asiana before. Judging by the name alone, it was not something that one would think was a Korean carrier. But it has apparently won tons of awards, and since I needed to head to Seoul tonight, I'd figured that it'd be good to give them a try. Being a lovely redeye flight too, I made sure to submit an upgrade request using miles so that I could get at least a few hours of rest on board.

Yes, it was better than most airlines. The service was attentive, and even on a five hour flight, they featured flat seats, albeit of the slanted kind like the old SQ SpaceBeds. I didn't care much for the food though; I ordered this fish in chili and garlic, thinking that it would be a Korean meal, but it was just sweet and sour sauce...admittedly not being that much different from that meal on SQ the other day.

Separately, this was also my first time departing from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, which seemed great at first being all new and with its super fast 15 minute train ride from the city. But navigating the airport was frustrating with its multiple levels and rampways. Signs were everywhere pointing to airline lounges and yet I still walked back and forth before figuring out where Asiana's contracted lounge (peculiarly called the Louis' Tavern CIP Lounge) was. And when I finally got there, it was pathetically small and cramped. Thank God for the Star Alliance, as I popped over to the peaceful TG lounge instead where I could get a proper shower before boarding.

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p said...

Hey just a heads up, ippudo Tao at Robertson quay is doing this special limited time maze soba. It's kinda like noodles tossed in a uber flavorful sauce, especially after u add some extra vinegar and chilli oil to taste. Kinda like bak chor mee. It is really damn awesome and u gotta try it!