Thursday, May 05, 2011

Za Za Cuban Coffee, Orlando Airport

Clockwise from right: quesito, tostada, and café con leche

I made sure to try to grab some of that Cuban coffee for breakfast at the airport this morning. The café con leche was more like a latte rather than those little café cubana espresso shots, but they still featured that awesome sugar that made this thing so easy to drink all the way to the last drop.

To go with this, I grabbed a tostada, or toasted Cuban bread slathered in butter. It was pretty boring on its own, but the idea was to break it apart and dip it in into the coffee, which made it much more palatable. I also got a quesito, which is apparently Puerto Rican rather than Cuban. Either way, how can a pastry featuring a filling of cheese whipped with sugar and eggs not be tasty?


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