Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cowgirl Creamery Sidekick & Milk Bar, SF

Grilled Cheese & Soup Lunch

My meeting this morning was within walking distance to the Ferry Plaza, so I popped on down here to see what I could grab for lunch before my afternoon meetings started. To my surprise, I didn't really care that much for the Farmer's Market stalls in front today, but nearly everything inside looked great. I finally settled on a grilled cheese sandwich from Cowgirl Creamery (One Embarcadero #17, 362-9354), a cheese shop that now has an extension for food and milk. And the grilled cheese sandwich that I got was delicious.

The bread was light and toasty while the rich cheese played nicely with the watercress and pickled onions that they put in there today. My set included a soup that featured cottage cheese dumpling-like things inside, which helped cleanse the palate. The only letdown was the glass of milk that I added. From a place like this with a "milk bar," I figured that I'd get some super rich and thick glass of milk, but it turned out to be much lighter than I was expecting. That's fine though - it was just a glass of milk.

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JinSF said...

This is sad. I live just down the street and you've beaten me to this place. If you are around for longer and like egg salad, the egg salad sandwich with anchovy spread and gruyere at Il Cane Rosso is tasty.