Sunday, April 03, 2011

Bavarian Breakfast Set from Marché

Bavarian Breakfast Set

I haven't been to Marché in ages, especially after they left Suntec City. But somehow we randomly ended up at their 313@somerset location this morning, and we were very happy that we did. Not only did we forget about the huge abundance of beatifully fresh vegetables that they have there, but interestingly, they were doing this Bavarian Breakfast Set from 10 AM - 12 noon today, featuring Weißwurst, Weißbier, a pretzel, and hot chocolate. Cool.

Now, the single Weißwurst came on a plate rather than a pair in the usual warm water bath, and the pretzel was more like cheese covered bread, but it still worked for me (the rösti came separately though). We're definitely coming back for all of the other stuff they had on display, including raclette. It will also be interesting to see how that new Mediterranean food area turns out at Orchard Central next door when they open later this month.

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