Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Moevenpick Marche Restaurant

Rosti with cheese sausage and cream of mushroom soup

From the Swiss Moevenpick group, Marche is an interesting concept of a bunch of really nice-looking stalls serving different kinds of food. Just head up to whatever looks good, and the server will mark what you eat on a card before you check out at the cashiers at the end. The bulk of their activity, like hotels and food, appears to be in EMEA, but for some reason, they have opened a couple stores in Singapore (one at the Heeren and one at Suntec). There are some Asian dishes (stir-fried seafood, for instance) - maybe because of localization? I usually head straight to the counter serving rosti, which is kinda like a huge hash brown cooked in butter, and is effectively the national dish of Switzerland. I prefer the cheese sausage to go with it, as well as a big heaping of sour cream (OK, this isn't the healthiest thing in the restaurant, but they do have lots of salads if it makes you feel better).

As you can imagine, it's a great grease bomb of flavor combined with a "burnt-just-right" crunchy texture. Add some mustard for contrast with the richness of it all, and it's a plate of goodness there in front of you. I like their cream of mushroom soup too. It beats Campbell's to a pulp: not only is it richer, but the finely diced bits of mushroom really accentuate the taste. Yum.

I've never really tried anything else here since I like the rosti so much, but it's a good place to come when you've got a group since people can get their own thing. The ice cream crepes are quite a favorite here too.


shakester said...

mmmm marche's.....
niuce fresh pizzas. I'm veg, so my exploits are of the limited kind!:)

vickie said...

yea i like the sausages and soft shell crab.. yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Vivocity outlet's Caesar's salad with Salmon is very good. It's a simple dish, but hard to get right. Marche at Vivocity does it spot on with proper bacon bits, fresh garlic, lemon juice and creamy dressing.