Monday, March 07, 2011

Japan's Okonomiyaki Fugetsu in Singapore

Buta Okonomiyaki

An okonomiyaki chain from Japan has setup shop in Singapore. Fugetsu occupies a little stall in ION Orchard's basement (2 Orchard Turn #B4-66, 6509-5085), and I liked it. The thing that struck me right away was the abundance of nicely shredded cabbage, which helped me gobble this thing up in seconds.

But I can't imagine this thing being any good if I had accepted one of those pre-made versions that they offered at first. The rationale was that one wouldn't have to wait, but I told them that I was willing to go for a stroll around the other shops in order to get a fresh one. After all, how could a pre-made one be any good when these things are supposed to be eaten hot off the grill?

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