Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dubai's ChicKing Fried Chicken, Singapore

One Spicy and One Regular Chicken

A fried chicken chain from Dubai has setup a branch at the new Marina Link extension of Marina Square (6 Raffles Boulevard #B1-16, 6336-3228). The menu looked like a knockoff of KFC, featuring items such as coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and popcorn chicken. I only got a couple pieces out of sheer curiosity.

I liked it. Sure, some of it was a bit greasy, and some of it was a bit dry, but both the spicy and regular batter were tastier than the Colonel in my opinion. Now, I'm not exactly going to go out of my way to clog my arteries with this stuff again, but I sure liked this place a lot better than that Broaster Chicken stuff.


Eng Tiong said...

Have u tried Texas Chicken?

Seow Lay Kun said...

Chicking fried chicken at marina square was e lousiest service I had seen in my life. Not only their chicken is very oily, their services also very bad. I must say that the workers likes to stare at you for no reason as if like wanting for a fight. Especially the short one, the woman wearing a spectacle and clear the table one. And the tall woman with big eyes one with the long hair. They both like to stare at people and gossip about it. Worse still their salad is the lousiest salad I had eaten. KFC chicken and salad are much more tastier than theirs. Trust me, never go there and eat.

Seow Lay Kun said...

No. But I believe that KFC serves the best chicken.