Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Broaster Chicken at a Singapore 7-Eleven

Broaster Chicken

When I read the article about these guys in this week's 8 Days, I stopped to think for a second. I had seen the idea of pressure cooking deep fried chicken on one of Adam Richman's recent episodes, but it was at a little dive rather than a fast food franchise. It was only after I looked these guys up did I realize why that was the case: it's more about licensing the equipment rather than a chain of shops. That also explains why - in Singapore - this setup was oddly located in the corner of a 7-Eleven (10 Jalan Serene #1-02).

Well, the pressure cooking (which was pretty cool to see, even if it meant waiting a while as they cooked to order) definitely made this stuff juicy that the thing was practically dripping when I bit into it. And it was certainly less greasy than other fried chicken too. But I prefer the Colonel, as this one was rather one-dimensional with its salt marinade. Indeed, the lack of greasiness took away the guilty pleasure of eating fried chicken. And there's certainly no lack of choice when it comes to fried chicken in Asia.


Anonymous said...

What's the pale pink concoction to the right? Kind of looks like strawberry ice cream?

bma said...

Cole slaw...using red cabbage, I guess.