Friday, December 17, 2010

Long Xia Zhou Shi Jia, Orchard Central

Lobster Porridge

This was a totally random visit. Sitting on the grounds of the former Duo Le (181 Orchard Rd #08-09, 6634-7318), these guys specialized in lobster porridge, which looked pretty good from a distance with its yellowish tint and scallion garnish. Besides, they were running a promo of two bowls for the price of one at S$29.90 (US$22.80), so we figured that we'd give it a try.

Fortunately, it worked for me, with a savory yet thin lobster-based soup and a decent chunk of meat in the small lobster half. It was actually more of a Teochew mue rice soup rather than the sludgy Cantonese congee that I was expecting...and I wish they provided more rice at that. But that didn't matter since the broth was the best part of this anyway, even if it wasn't as strong Keisuke's ebi ramen.

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Anonymous said...

This sure does look tastier than congee, but not very filling. Where there any noodles to help fill you up?