Friday, October 16, 2009

Teochew Fish Porridge, Tanjong Pagar Market

Teochew Fish Porridge

Despite what the sign says, I'm still not comfortable calling this porridge, as it's really just rice soup. But I do like this Teochew mue stuff, so much that I randomly tried this unassuming stall (#02-46) at Tanjong Pagar Market today. I liked it better than many of the other ones I've tried - the perky blend of seasonings combined with the light broth were just right. And it came with an added character bonus: the proprietor chewed me out for giving him a ten dollar bill because he didn't have change for my three dollar bowl. How's that for a Soup Nazi for you?


Anonymous said...

Grains in Teochew porridge are discernible while Cantonese porridge are like gruel (Zhen Zhen/Ah Chiang's).

Try Rui Ji on 2nd floor Market Street FC, the fish porridge is excellent. Your favorite Han Kee sells fish porridge too.

Anonymous said...

mway, not mue!

ice said...

Try 泉香鱼口粥 Quan Xiang Fish Porridge at #02-146, Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre. The Teochew fish porridge is excellent & by far the best I've tried. You might even like the fish soup broth more than this, and Han Kee's which I recommended you.