Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lunch From IKEA (Not Meatballs!)

Ikea Food

My lunch today was from IKEA. But it wasn't the typical Swedish meatballs from the cafeteria, but rather some cheese and crackers from the market (next to the hot dog stand) downstairs. They did the job, with a smooth tasty cheese to go along with light and crispy crackers, plus a pear soda on the side.

I'm not sure what all the fuss is about those chicken wings in the cafeteria though. I got it based upon some tips I saw in foursquare, but they were just basic fried chicken wings rather than anything too unique. Note to self: the pickled herring is very sweet, so get the lox next time instead.


caninecologne said...

hmmm, i'll have to try that pear soda next time (if they have it here in the san diego location).

-jhr- said...

That is not soda, it's alcohol free cider. And those are not crackers. It's flatbread.

Pete said...

don't get me started on Ikea food in Singapore. Someone thought it was a good idea to take me there for dinner having travelled 6500 miles from the uk. Needless to say... I wasn't impressed!
Stick to the hot dogs and avoid the one way chaos!

Blur Ting said...

I often wonder why the wings are so popular. They are not even well marinated.

Gosh, I just remember I have that same block of cheese in my chiller. Could have expired by now. And I love the pear soda. I buy loads each time I'm there.

Nilcha said...

Pear Soda? wow thats new!