Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flames Mongolian Fresh Grill and Bar

Mongolian BBQ

Another Mongolian BBQ has opened in Singapore (77 Boat Quay, 6534-4020). This one was cheaper and more downscale than the Tent, but it's not like one really needs Mongolian BBQ to be dressed up anyway. And despite the relatively limited selection of ingredients, I was able to get mine tasting right as long as I took control of which sauces I wanted. I still prefer to get this stuff in the US though.

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Jiahui said...

I had no idea there's (semi) authentic Mongolian BBQ here! I went to the real deal some months back and it was an amazing experience. There was also horse but when everything's mashed up, you can't really tell what's what.

Do they use those giant knife things to cook too? I haven't got a better pic but -