Monday, July 19, 2010

Singapore Taco Bar Epilogue: Casa Latina


I take back what I said about not being able to find good Mexican food in Singapore. Thanks to a very timely tip this afternoon, I came down to this place (42 Waterloo Street, 6884-6929) for a quick plate of carnitas. And to my surprise, it was spot-on. The pork was crispy, the corn tortillas were warm, and most importantly, the pico de gallo was fresh...something that has been frustratingly rare around here. Now, I definitely still prefer a casual taco bar over a proper restaurant like this, but if the other food on the menu is as good what I had tonight (despite the availabliity of fajitas and burritos), then I can save a trip home by just coming here.


Anonymous said...

gosh..this looks so good! thanks for the tip. Your recommendations are always spot on.

Nick said...

We checked this out on your recommendation. It's a pretty rubbish restaurant (ok service, but bad d├ęcor, weird location etc.) but the food was great! My wife is already thinking of when we can go back.

I hope the fact that they don't even have a website, a listing on hungry go where etc isn't a sign they're about to go out of business.

Ernst said...

GREAT find! I went there last Sunday with a contingent of Venezuelans and was pleased to see that Chef Mario finally delivers a good Mexican experience in Singapore.

On your return, you MUST try the Chili Poblano soup and his souffle/tamale dessert. The Ceviche, Queso Fundido, and Chilaquiles were also excellent.

Ironically the pork carnitas were my least favorite of all the items we ordered!