Sunday, July 18, 2010

House Foods America's Tofu Steak

House Foods Tofu Steak on a George Foreman Grill

That was nasty. I bought this at the market near the Japanese tofu section. And while this was technically from a Japanese company, it was from the American arm, and was clearly being marketed toward the carnivorous grilling culture of it. It sounded pretty gross, but I bought one just out of sheer curiosity.

It was surprisingly firm in texture - so much that one pretty much had to use a knife to cut it. I suppose that's what they needed to do if someone were really going to throw it on a grill like they illustrated in the picture. And yes, that is a George Foreman grill in the background (snicker, snicker), but the char grilled marks actually came with the tofu in the package.

Perhaps most prominently, it had close to no taste - and was nothing like the rich and creamy soybean flavor of a proper piece of tofu. It's no wonder why tofu has such a bad reputation in the US - I wouldn't want to eat this either. The thought of someone pouring A1 Steak Sauce on this is even more horrifying.

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i_am_skinny said...

wow !! what in the world is this ?
I envy your opportunity in tripping around the world !