Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Washoku Zen Selection on United

Washoku Zen Selection

I haven't been too impressed with Japanese meals on United, so usually I'll veer towards something else on the menu. But that "something else" on today's flight was that very same Charlie Trotter chicken with pesto and quinoa that I got last time, so in some ways I had no other choice but to get this.

Fortunately, it was a lot better than I was expecting, with a bowl of soba that wasn't soggy, a tray of tasty grilled chicken that was piping hot, and even a cute little bottle of Geikkeikan sake to go with it all. I'm still not a big fan of the smoked salmon that they keep using, but I guess that in-flight catering can't serve anything raw. Either way, this may be worth gettting again in the future.

I'll have to remember to save the tsukemono next time though. I was a bit puzzled at first since they brought all of the cold items out first, including the tsukemono, but without any rice to go with it. I thus ate it first without realizing that the rice would (and should) come later with the hot chicken.

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Shawn said...

Found your blog recently and - as a fellow foodie and an American living in Tokyo - really enjoy reading. After seeing posts like this, though, makes me even more depressed about the "meals" they serve us in United's Steerage Class... :)