Friday, December 22, 2006

The Japanese Meal Selection on UAL

The starters of the Japanese Meal

I've had some mixed experiences with Japanese meals on airplanes before. So why did I pick it again tonight? Because the other selections tonight were some Chinese citrus chicken with cashews as well as the filet mignon (surprise, surprise)...and not in an Argentinean fashion either. Besides, after all of that meat in the past week, I could use something on the lighter side here.

The good thing is that I liked it better than those last two Japanese meals on United, but I suppose that there are limitations to what one can do on an airplane. The noodles were stuck together, the rice was dry, and the tea was cold. The salmon was again of the smoked variety, but at least they stated it as such on the menu this time. Well, I suppose it was healthy though.

Midflight snacks on UAOn a side note, here are some of the snacks that they provided mid-flight today, which included Jelly Bellys, complete with its little decoder sheet of flavors. The packet was small enough that one really couldn't do any of the mixing-and-matching, but it was more of a little nostalgic thing for me anyway.

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