Friday, December 22, 2006

UA Filet Mignon, but Latin

Pan-seared filet mignon with tomato chimichurri

What? After all that griping about United's filet mignon (not to mention more than a week of eating nearly straight beef), what the heck was I doing getting the filet mignon on United tonight? Because this one sounded kinda interesting featuring a tomato chimichurri and South American beef. I figured that even if filet is always offered on United, it won't be often that I'll get it done in a local fashion like this.

It was a good call. The meat was super tender (Plastic knives for airline safety? No problem!). And the chimichurri was pleasantly mild with more of an oily taste than sour. I even ate all of the potato wedges, which I normally don't do when they add too many herbs. Sure, I liked this one. I doubt that I'll be ordering the filet on the next leg here though (assuming that my upgrade request goes through, that is).

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