Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Filet Mignon on UAL

Another Filet Mignon on UAL

United's meals are becoming a bit too predictable these days. Aside from the usual omelette in the morning, one can expect one of the next meal choices to consist of filet mignon (they also had an herb-crusted cod and orzo today that I think I once had on here a while ago).

Well, I still went ahead and got the filet, and at least there was some mild variety in the sense that this was done in an "oven-roasted garlic sauce" today. I was a bit surprised as this was a black pepper-based sauce that one might expect to find in Asia, but it wasn't too bad in the end. The meat itself was tender and starter salad and ham/shrimp plate were not bad either, but the veggie saute was soggy and the oven roasted potatoes had too many herbs for my liking.

Well, one can't exactly expect Ruth's Chris on an airplane (and I did rather enjoy the light chocolate tart for dessert), but I just wish that there would be some more variation in their menu. Nowadays, I have simply come to expect some form of filet mignon whenever flying UA.

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